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What is a sustainable shoe?

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How do we define sustainable footwear? There are a few aspects we need to consider when looking at sustainability in shoes, from the sourcing and harvesting of materials, to manufacturing of the sneakers and finally to how employees are treated. Essentially how we cater for "the triple bottom line".

Reefer is a South African sneaker brand that prides itself on creating sustainable shoes that are created with a holistic approach. We have two sneaker ranges, our cork sneakers and hemp sneakers, which are both created locally in South Africa. 

Both cork and hemp are regarded as incredible natural, durable and environmentally friendly materials. Cork and hemp don't require large amounts of water and the harvesting process does not include any harsh chemicals. Apart from cork and hemp being a great sustainable alternative, the texture, quality and strength of these materials is impressive and are perfect to use in the production of shoes. 

Our sneakers are created locally in South Africa, not only to support local job creation, but to make sure that the quality of our cork and hemp sneakers is excellent.  

A big part of creating sustainable sneakers is making sure that each step of the process allows for longevity. Our employees are treated fairly, and the culture within our teams is happy and supportive. 

Our mission, as Reefer, is to be able to produce stylish, sustainable and comfortable shoes that allow local communities to thrive.  

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